Sharp rise in diesel, unleaded and gas

– For unleaded
The retail price is up to €1.69/litre (+10 cents compared to the previous month). This change is mainly due to the increase in the average quotation (+10 cts on the final price). The other parameters have no impact on the final price.

– For diesel
The selling price is up to 1,31 €/litre (+ 8 cts) here again, due to the rise in prices (+ 8 cts in the end).
As for the premium fuel, the evolution of the other parameters does not influence in a perceptible way the final price.

– For gas
The final price of the bottle is up to 21,01 € (+ 68 cts). This is mainly due to the upward trend in quotations (+8.7% cumulatively), tempered by the strengthening of the Euro (+0.17%) against the dollar. The quotations “weigh” for more than 69 cts of increase on the final price, to which are added approximately 1 ct of fall for the fluctuation of the Euro.

Why are the prices rising?

The prices of oil and gas products in Reunion are set pursuant to the provisions of the energy code. The resulting fuel price regulation mechanism makes it possible to comply with real market conditions and ensure transparency on the formation of hydrocarbon prices.

In February, world fuel prices rose sharply for premium fuel (+13.94%) and diesel (+13.04%).

With regard to gas, the monthly price of butane rose to $775/MT (i.e. +9.15%), as did that of propane ($775/MT, i.e. +4.73%).

The euro strengthened very slightly against the dollar, the average of the parities over 15 working days stood at $1.1378 (+0.22%) for €1 for fuel and at $1.1372/€ for gas (+0.17%). This strengthening of the euro, combined with the slight increase in fuel freight (+0.6%) has no impact on fuel prices.

The passage fees, such as the wholesale and retail margins, fixed by prefectural decree, remain unchanged.
Environmental taxes (EEC) on road fuels are down (-7.8%) without having any perceptible impact on the final consumer price of these products.

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