She didn’t want to have a wedding and was rejected for her wedding dress when she was pregnant. She went crazy and cut 32 dresses.

Pregnant women inexplicably rushed into the bridal shop and wantonly cut their wedding dresses. (Picture / flipping Netease video)

So irrational! A pregnant woman in Chongqing, mainland China, last year because she wanted to hold a wedding, went to a local bridal shop to order a wedding package package worth 8,000 yuan (about 34,000 NTD), and paid 3,500 yuan (about 15,000 yuan) first. NT$) deposit, but later found out that she was pregnant and did not want to hold the wedding. She asked the store for a refund and was refused. In a fit of rage, she took scissors and rushed straight to the wedding dress shop, cutting the wedding dresses and dresses in the store indiscriminately. A total of 32 dresses in the store were cut, and the store lost at least about NT$304,000. The pregnant woman expressed regret afterwards, saying that it was because of pregnancy hormones that the irrational behavior occurred.

This conflict of random wedding dresses happened on January 9. At that time, the pregnant woman walked into the bridal shop for the first time. The clerk thought she was coming to order the wedding dress, and immediately approached the warm introduction. Unexpectedly, the pregnant woman suddenly took out the wedding dress. A pair of scissors, ready to cut the wedding dress in the store.

As soon as the clerk saw the scissors, he immediately warned the pregnant woman, “A wedding dress costs several thousand yuan, so you must think about it!” But the pregnant woman retorted, “Thousands and tens of thousands of yuan will pay you!” Then they started frantically cutting wedding dresses and dresses in the store. , cut 32 dresses in the store before and after, causing the store to lose at least NT$304,000.

According to Lu media reports, it turned out that this pregnant woman who came out with scissors and cut her wedding dress indiscriminately, had ordered a wedding plan worth 8,000 RMB at the bridal shop in April last year, and paid a deposit of 3,500 RMB. When I found out I was pregnant and didn’t want to hold a wedding, I asked the store to refund the deposit and was rejected, so I rushed into the store with scissors on the 9th and cut at least 32 dresses to pieces.

The pregnant woman who vented her anger by cutting a rotten wedding dress later expressed regret for her out-of-control behavior. She also said that her irrational behavior was caused by her pregnancy hormones. As for the follow-up compensation, the two parties have not yet specified. consensus.

Regarding this consumer dispute, Liu Xuanxuan, a lawyer from Shaanxi Ruisi Law Firm, pointed out that the “deposit” is a guarantee, but the “deposit” is not a guarantee. Deposit (except voluntary return), that is to say, “The deposit is generally not refundable, but the deposit can be refunded.”


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