“She is a Pinochetista…”: Mauricio Medina’s particular defense of Paty Maldonado

Mauricio Medina spoke in depth with Luis Slimming for his Youtube program, between joke and jokewhere he spoke about different topics of his career as a comedian.

It is worth mentioning that Medina announced a few days ago that he would retire from the stage and in passing He categorically ruled out any possibility of working again with his partner in Dinamita Show, Paul Vásquez.

It was then that some people came out in defense of the “Indian”, as Natalie Cuevas ehEven Paty Maldonado, who assured that the duo’s success was due to Medina.

Medina’s defense of Maldonado

During the conversation with Slimming, Medina mentioned that the Tal Cual panelist “came to my defense.”

“Yes, but a defense of Paty Maldonado, how does it come?” Slimming asked.

It was then that it was Medina’s turn to defend Maldonado, especially because of his political position. “People don’t know Paty Maldonado well, and they don’t want to know her either. Paty doesn’t care either, ”the comedian started saying.

“She has never been a rightist, she is a Pinochetista,” Medina clarified.

Along the same lines, he added that “if you talk to him about Pinochet he can make you shit, that’s when he gets angry. But he does not have such a right-wing point of view ”.

“Yes, in the end he said hue… that they are painful but that they are true,” said Medina, which did not leave Slimming very convinced. “One has to know how we lived before how we are living,” said the comedian.

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