She refused Adel Imam’s love and married another famous artist, then she retired from art and died while reading the Qur’an, and the surprise in her last will

Nadia Arslan is one of the beauties of cinema, but as remarkable as her beauty.

She did not get much fame and stardom, as the audience knew her in the character of the aristocratic girl in the movie “So that the smoke does not fly” with star Adel Imam. Is Miss Lebanon, who preferred to retire, and wore the veil.

Her real name is Hind Arslan, and she was born on March 27, 1949, in the Syrian city of Aleppo, to a Syrian father and a Lebanese mother. She began her artistic career after winning the Miss Lebanon contest, which helped her enter the world of art, and the audience gave her the nickname “The Apple of Lebanon”.

Nadia Arslan headed to Cairo, and met the artist Nadia Lotfi, who asked her to participate with her in the movie “The Visitor”, after which she participated in the movie “A Journey of Torment” with the artist Nahid Sharif.

Nadia had a friendship with the star Adel Imam, which began when they participated in the movie “Smart but Stupid” and then the movie “Everyone Wants to Love”, so Imam nominated her to participate in his famous movie “So that the smoke does not fly” in 1984. It is said that Adel Imam loved her and asked her Marriage but she refused.

her artworks

The world of cinema witnessed Nadia Raslan’s artistic breakthrough, where she presented a number of films, including: “The perverts, to the authorized, my love, everyone wants to love, smart but stupid, I want a solution, the memory of a night of love, for the sake of life, and the sorrows go, collapse, a journey inside.” Woman, date with Soso, execution of a high school student, when the smoke flies, my dear, we are all thieves.”

On television, the Lebanese artist participated in several dramatic works, including: “Adeeb, Tower of the Capers, Except for the Tear of Sadness, Feathers on Nothing,” and others. Nadia Arslan was also able to leave her own mark in the world of theater through her participation in some theatrical experiences, most notably the play “Humanity Service”.

Her marriage to a great artist

The artist, Nadia Arslan, married the retired artist, Muhammad Al-Arabi, who met her with Sheikh Al-Shaarawy to teach her about the Islamic religion, and he encouraged her to retire, but they separated after less than a year, but they remained on good terms despite the separation. Then she married again to Dr. Ihab Abdel-Maboud and gave birth to her only daughter, whom she named “Layla”.

However, their marriage witnessed many disputes between the two parties, which resulted in Nadia Arslan going to the judiciary to request a divorce, and indeed Nadia left her husband’s house and moved to the house of the artist Samira Ahmed until the divorce procedures were completed.

The reason for her retirement

In 1989, the Lebanese artist retired from art completely, due to her desire to devote herself to taking care of her daughter and for worship, so she decided to retire from art and wear the veil, and “Laila” her daughter said that despite her mother’s retirement, she had a good relationship with the artistic community and followed the exhibited works, and many of her friends were Consult them in their work.

She had a strong friendship with a number of artists such as Samira Ahmed, Nahla Salama, who was the closest to her, and Naglaa Fathi, along with the journalist Mofeed Fawzy.

She had cancer and died

In 2005, Nadia Arslan was diagnosed with bone cancer, which was discovered at an advanced stage, and she began her chemotherapy journey between Lebanon and Paris. Her daughter talked about her mother’s illness, stressing that she did not feel sick around her and was always smiling despite the harsh treatment she was receiving, and that she was giving hope to those around her, and described her mother as an ideal mother.

Nadia Arslan died in Lebanon after a three-year struggle with illness, on May 17, 2008, and her daughter said that she died while reading the Qur’an, and asked in her will to be buried in Egypt, and this is what actually happened.

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