Sheinbaum complains to banks for low credit to SMEs: “they must start financing”

The candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Claudia Sheinbaumpresented a criticism and a direct complaint to the bankers for the low level reported by the credit portfolio to the SMEs.

By participating in the 87th Convention Bankingin Acapulco Guerrerotold the plenary session of banking and financial directors that the sector is very solid and reports capitalization levels higher than those required by law, but financing for medium and micro-enterprises is still very low.

In a very calm tone, he told them that “It went very well” to commercial banks during the six years of the 4T government, but now it is time to enter the financing of the SMEs o MSMEs which are the ones that generate the greatest amount of employment in Mexico.

He pointed out that, if he wins the presidency of the Republicdevelopment banking as Nacional Financiera (Name) and the Ministry of Economy (SE) will develop strategies to support companies and businesses, but asked the banking union to join such an effort.

“The SE y Name It has enormous potential – to offer resources – but in addition to that – and it is something that we have discussed on other occasions, where we have seen each other -, commercial banks also have to start financing medium-sized and micro-enterprises.

“Because today it is dedicated to a sector and has sufficient capitalization to also, jointly, enter to the financing of micro and medium enterprises, “They are the ones who really generate the great jobs in the country,” he pointed out.

Dialogue and joint work

In addition to presenting your economic proposalbased on stable public finances, industrial development, a network of freight and passenger trains, water use and an increase in the minimum wage, Sheinbaum proposed dialogue and joint work to the bankers “to get ahead”.

In a very kind tone, he highlighted that the banking sector and businessmen have done very well during the six years of the president’s government. Andrés Manuel López Obrador and confirmed to them that in that same spirit they will continue very well in the next six-year term.

“I want to tell you that nos the next six years will go very wellthat we are going to have good relations, that we need to work together and that where we do not agree, on some issues, we always have dialogue to move forward.

“Thank you very much to everyone for listening to us, thank you for holding this convention in Acapulco; what Acapulco experienced with Otis, It shows us – at the same time – that if we work together we can move forward and this convention is an example of this.

“I believe that we are in an exceptional moment for our country and that by all of us collaborating we can do it even better,” concluded the flag bearer of the Let’s Keep Making History Coalition.

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2024-04-21 02:08:08

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