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wireless”Sound Dream Legend“Practitioner Yan Mingxi Gigi is only 15 years old. With the cover of Faye Wong’s “Watching the Wheat Field”, she highlights her singing skills and style, attracting attention! It is understood that Yan Mingxi attended Yau Tong District Girls’ Middle School. Before the competition, GiGi was originally surnamed Wang and was keen on singing performances. In 2018, he began to win prizes in different singing competitions. Because he was a student of “Star Pop Music Academy”, Yan Ming The active performance before Xi’s name change, the background of all the fierce materials can be found…

Text: Oriental New Map: Yan Mingxi IG, Xingge Pop Music Academy FB

Yan Mingxi Gigi was originally named Wang

Yan Mingxi, who has a mature singing voice, is only 15 years old. It is understood that GiGi, formerly known as “GiGi Wang” Wang Jiaen, who attended a girls’ middle school in Yau Tong District, is keen to sing. He has won prizes in different singing competitions since 2018. It was only after participating in Shengmeng. Changed her name to Yan Mingxi. Because she is a student of the “Star Pop Music Academy”, many of the photos of contests and awards in the past can be seen on the Facebook of the music school. Gigi Wang, who is only 13 years old, won the junior group championship in the finals of the “Sha Tin Super New Singing Contest 2018”, the group champion of the middle school group in the “Singing Fighter Secondary School Singing Competition”, and the third runner-up of the “Kwun Tong District Joint School Singing Competition ECHOES” …

Yan Mingxi’s hairstyle is accused of resembling an alien Xian Pu…

In the promotional film, it is called “the strongest contrast”, and the mature performance and vocal range do not match the age.

Blew up and was summoned by the principal to lead the show to sing Faye Wong “Watching the Rye”

Yan Mingxi, who is still studying, has been widely discussed in the school since the wireless promotional video was exposed at the beginning of the year. Fortunately, the teacher also expressed his support. However, in a recent interview, GiGi blew himself up and was “personally summoned” by the principal after participating in the competition. , It turned out not to be reprimanded, but to invite her to perform on behalf of the school! The flattered GiGi said that it was a pity that the school had to film the performance on the day, so it was not possible. In the first episode of the wireless premiere of “Sound Dream Legend”, 15-year-old Yan Mingxi was arranged to take the lead in singing and singing Faye Wong’s “Watching the Wheat Field”, which was a short period of exposure to giant lungs!

Yan Mingxi tried to cry for the first time on the night of the radio station celebration.
In March 2019, Wang Jiaen (Gigi) won the runner-up in the junior group in the voice of bloggers. (Photo: Xingge Pop Music Academy)
Yan Mingxi GiGi
In March 2019, Yan Mingxi GiGi was invited to be the headphone spokesperson in the name of Wang Jiaen.
At the age of 13 he has won the singing competition champion.
At the age of 13 he has won the singing competition champion.
In August last year, Yan Mingxi/Wang Jiaen participated in the “Hong Kong Pop Vocal Contest” under the name “Huang Jiaen” (it is believed that the subtitles of the film were misplaced)

Comments from netizens: Become a Wang Yuanzhi

The hairstyle with single eyelid and Qiyin is easy to recognize, but some netizens think that “a Wang Yuanzhi, with huge lungs, feels like gems, but is not good enough to bite.”

Some netizens also praised that “the same can be different from the same channel, but the age is not too long, and the truth is that the skills are the best and the most fruitful.” “It is actually very good to listen to the same hairstyle and look at it. “, “Everything resembles Nakashima Mika”, “Looking at the collection is the most memorable and the best! But you must be clear about the words and the words are so clear.”

Yan Mingxi covers Faye Wong’s “Watching the Wheat Field”

In the promotional film, Yan Mingxi GiGi covers Faye Wong’s “Watching the Wheat Field”

Unforgettable, come back with peace of mind, it’s not counted as nothing I’ve ever loved, who can be one year old for a day

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