Sherif Salama… between the roles of evil and comedy

2023-09-11 20:57:09

Mohamed Qenawi (Cairo)

Egyptian actor Sherif Salama said that he resorts to presenting comedy in his works in order to stay away from evil roles, as happened last Ramadan in the comedy series “Kamil Al-Qadam”, so that the audience forgets his evil role in the series “Faten Amal Harbi”, which sparked great reactions when it was shown. .
Sherif mentioned that he prefers to change from one character to another continuously, in order to prove that he is capable of performing all roles, and this is the nature of a good actor.
Salama is experiencing the experience of presenting a Upper Egypt character for the first time in his career through the series “Kaf Maryam” of 30 episodes, and filming is scheduled to begin next week for the show during the winter season, and co-starring is Tara Emad, Safaa Al-Toukhi, Essam Al-Sakka and Mahmoud Hegazy, written by Amin Gamal and directed by Ahmed Hassan. The events revolve around a character interested in extrapolating the future through palm reading.
He revealed that he is competing in the next Ramadan race with Mona Zaki in their first meeting through the series “Tala’ Nazel”, directed by Hani Khalifa, and within days working sessions will be held to find out the initial details.
Sherif indicated that he had begun preparing for the second part of the comedy series “Kamil Al-Qadam,” the first part of which was shown last Ramadan, and co-starred with Dina El-Sherbiny, but so far the date of its showing has not been decided.
He said that he had finished filming his scenes in an 8-episode series that will be shown on one of the digital platforms during the coming period, entitled “Who Killed Nadia?” It is a temporary name for the series, directed by Al-Sadir Masoud, and co-starring with Aser Yassin, Mahmoud Hamida, Sherine Reda, Saba Mubarak, and Rakeen Saad.
It is noteworthy that Salama’s last cinematic appearance was in the movie “An Answer Hour”, written by Ahmed Sheko and directed by Mustafa Abu Seif, starring Ayten Amer, Naglaa Badr, and the child Salim Mustafa. He also starred in the musical theatrical show “Happy Chance” during the Riyadh season, which was his first experience. Him on stage.

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