Sherina Munaf’s response to Raffi Ahmad’s Apology for Blasphemy

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Raffi Ahmad finally say his apology after making a fuss because he was considered neglecting health protocols at a party of one of his colleagues.

Action for Raffi’s apology has reaped a lot of praise from the public as well as fellow artists. Including Sherina Munaf, who had insinuated about Raffi Ahmad’s partying after several hours of being vaccinated.

“Clarification from Raffi. Thank you! Let’s be more aware of the existing health protocols / guidelines, remind each other for the sake of pressing numbers transmission. Feel free to reprimand me in public if you think I am wrong. So the public can learn from our mistakes,“Sherina tweeted as sherepost re-upload Nagita Slavina’s husband’s apology on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Baskara Mahendra’s wife’s teasing is actually reaping a lot of blasphemy from the public. Many have pointed out that Sherina is only looking for a stage.

“Lebay anj ** g, how do you learn about adab first? how to admonish people. Can WA really have the gap with Raffi’s number. If you have been told personally, you can only then be reprimanded to the public. Don’t bother, sis,“sahut @mfaisa ****.

“Ma’am take care of yourself first, just a good reprimand so it’s not like looking for a stage,” kata @andii****.

Although many blasphemous response Sherina, there are also many netizens who support Sherina’s action in reprimanding Raffi.

“Thank you Sherina for already represent us to speak up. Take care of everyone’s health,“commented the account @flonov ***.

You’re right. Party the palace until negur him (Raffi), “timpal @anot ******.

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