“Shhh if you don’t know anything”… Bae Dong-sung’s daughter Bae Bae-jin exploded (Photo)

Bae Soo-jin’s Instagram

Comedian Bae Dong-seong’s daughter Bae Bae-jin (YouTuber Natalie), who is appearing in ‘Dol Singles’, has directly clarified the rumors related to him.

On the 30th, Bae Soo-jin posted a picture along with the sentence “I ignore all malicious comments, but I don’t want to be a liar” on his Instagram story.

 E channel
E-channel ‘My Daughter’s Men Season 2’ Captured

The released photo is a screenshot of the E-channel entertainment program ‘My Daughter’s Men Season 2’, where Bae Su-jin appeared in the past. Bae Bae Jin posted the photo and explained, “It’s not the bouquet that my ex-husband gave me.”

Then, “Shhh if you don’t know anything. It’s the first time, so say it’s the first time. I’ll lie. You idiot.”

Bae Soo-jin and Choi Jun-ho / MBN Official Instagram
Bae Soo-jin and Choi Jun-ho / MBN Official Instagram

Earlier, on MBN’s ‘Dol Singles’, which aired on the 29th, a date scene between Bae Soo-jin and Choi Jun-ho was broadcast. On this day, Choi Jun-ho remembered Bae Su-jin’s words, “I’ve never received flowers,” and presented them with a bouquet of flowers.

However, after the broadcast, some netizens mentioned Bae Soo-jin’s past broadcast appearances in an online community. He then raised suspicions by posting malicious comments, saying, “I lied.” It seems that Bae Soo-jin himself explained this.

Bae Dong-seong’s daughter Bae Su-jin divorced musical actor Lim Hyun-joon last year and is raising her son alone. Recently, he appeared in ‘Dol Singles’ and is continuing his sweet love line with actor and model-turned-actor Choi Jun-ho.


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