Shim Hyung-tak catches a ‘swindler’ pretending to be the boss thanks to ‘♥Saya’… “Everyone was tricked and found out” (‘Groom Class’) [Oh!쎈포인트]

2023-07-19 13:26:53

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[OSEN=박근희 기자] Shim Hyung-tak of ‘Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class’ revealed an anecdote about Saya recognizing a cheater.

On Channel A’s ‘Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Groom’s Class’), which aired on the afternoon of the 19th, the daily life of Shim Hyung-tak and his wife, who registered their marriage first, unfolded.

Shim Hyung-tak and Saya went to Saju Cafe to see the compatibility. Shim Hyung-tak said, “I wanted to see Saju once,” and he revealed the reason for visiting Saju Cafe.

The fortuneteller said to Shim Hyeong-tak, “I have a good artistic and physical disposition. can be seen as sensitive. It is the tendency to become obsessive or sensitive with one thing. Jung is too weak,” he explained. Regarding Saya, who goes to Saju, “She is very feminine. But it is full of passion.”

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Shim Hyung-tak said, “Something like that happened recently. (Sayaga) His judgment is so good. Everyone believed him, but Saya said, ‘That person is strange.’” Shim Hyung-tak said of Saya, “I know everything even if I look at a person for a while. That person always wears the same clothes (said)” and revealed that he found out thanks to having to buy a con man pretending to be the boss.

The fortuneteller said, “There may be personality differences with my father. My father has clear subjectivity. The inside doesn’t work well,” he said, making Saya laugh. Shim Hyung-tak said, “To talk to my father-in-law, Saya had to translate, so we got closer.”

The fortuneteller explained, “This is a relationship that gets closer only when they fall apart or break up once.” In response, Shim Hyung-tak confessed that he had not met for 1 year and 6 months due to corona.

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Regarding the luck of the children, the fortune teller said, “From Saya’s standards, there is one boy and one girl.” Then, the fortune teller explained, “From Shim Hyung-tak’s standard, he is only one son.” The fortune teller said, “Saya’s energy is better. One son and one daughter.”

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Shim Hyung-tak said, “We said that if we had a son, we would build a Sim Haru and a daughter a Sim Hana. It can be a Japanese name or a Korean name,” he explained. It contained all the letters recommended by the fortune teller, so Shim Hyung-tak showed goosebumps.

The fortune teller made Shim Hyeong-tak happy by saying, “The quality of the child is good.” The fortuneteller said, “The child becomes a booster shot,” adding that the child will become a fortune.

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