Shock in Jordan.. He learned of his mother’s death and randomly stabbed people in the hospital

Several people from the northern government hospital staff were exposed Jordan Several stabs were carried out by a young man after receiving the news of the death of his mother, who was receiving treatment there.

The story began when the nursing staff told the young man yesterday evening, Sunday, the death of his mother, so his brothers smashed a device in the intensive care room in which the deceased was lying.

consecutive stabs

At the same time, the young man rushed to pursue two security and protection personnel, and stabbed them, in addition to two nursing staff and two others, according to local websites.

Sources at Yarmouk Hospital in Irbid governorate reported that the patient arrived at the hospital suspected of her death, but the staff revived her and came back to life.

Resuscitation failed

After that, she was transferred to the Intensive Care Department, but she died after the heart stopped again, and resuscitation operations failed to save her, according to the same sources.

It also revealed that the deceased was suffering from chronic diseases, as she was suffering from cancer and kidney failure.

It is noteworthy that the security services began investigating the incident, after they arrested the assailants.

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