Shocking Encounter: Chinese Netizen Exposes Secret Camera in Malaysian B&B on Xiaohongshu

2023-09-22 06:06:12

A female netizen from Mainland China shared the secret camera incident she encountered in a Malaysian B&B on Xiaohongshu to warn everyone. (Picture/Photo taken from Xiaohongshu)

A mainland female netizen and her husband went to Malaysia for their honeymoon. After checking in, they discovered that there was a pinhole camera in the socket, with the lens facing the bedside. She immediately contacted the B&B, but she didn’t expect that the other party couldn’t read it back. After calling the police the next day, the other party thought they were trying to default on the bill and not pay. She was so angry that she posted the incident to Xiaohongshu.

The female netizen said on Xiaohongshu that she and her husband arrived in Sabah, Malaysia in the early morning of the 6th, and arrived at the B&B in Kota Kinabalu at about 3 o’clock. The B&B was booked on a pre-booking website, but for safety reasons, the female netizen asked her husband to check if there was a candid camera. Unexpectedly, she discovered that there was actually a suspected pinhole camera lens in the socket.

At that time, a female netizen discovered that there was a round hole in the socket that looked like a lens. She asked her husband to use the flashlight on his mobile phone to look at it, and found a reflection that looked like a mirror. So the two people tried to remove the socket panel and found that it was actually a round hole. It’s a lens. The female netizen sent the photo to other female friends, but no one could recognize it as a pinhole camera. Fortunately, her husband was familiar with electronic products, so he recognized it as a pinhole camera at a glance.

The couple immediately contacted their hostel to report the problem, but they tried to report it, but the other party couldn’t reply. They immediately checked out and checked into another hotel the next day. The female netizen recalled that that night, she didn’t dare to take off her clothes and take a shower because the camera was facing her. On the bedside, they had to temporarily cover the lens with something. The police were called the next morning, but due to language barriers and other issues, the police officer in charge was not seen until 8 o’clock that night. According to the police, they had contacted the B&B, but the other party insisted that they wanted to default on the bill and not pay, so they pretended to have hidden camera footage.

At the time of the incident, she originally posted directly on social media, but the police asked her to delete the post on the grounds of investigation. Now that she has returned to the mainland, she believes that although she has received a refund from the B&B, the matter cannot end like this, so she decided to post the entire incident on Little Red Book to alert everyone.

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