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May 18, 2022 – 08:49

Shocking fans’ hearts! “Nook-Pai” reduces the state of being depressed only friends left

Called it a news that shocked the hearts of Ban Sing fans no less. When most recently, the hottest duo “Nook-Pai” or “Nook Thanadon Siriwaew” and “Pai Pai Chatnapha Keawkham” from Ban Sing Music Camp, along with “Mr. Singha Nathaphop”, the owner of the camp and “Orn”, his wife, live broadcasting a press conference via the Facebook page of Ban Sing Ban Sing announces to reduce the status of couple from lovers to only good friends Ready to clear the drama After the footage leaked from the CCTV A woman came to see “Nook” at home.

By “Nook-Pai” revealed that “to speak out this time was a joint decision. Our relationship over the past few years has tried to open up to study. talk many times Can we love each other? Can we be lovers? But it all depends on both sides. Pai’s lifestyle goes the other way. The lifestyle of Nook is another way. But in the end, friendship is the best relationship between two people. which will reduce the partner status As for the following works will remain the same No matter what status it is, being a friend, a friend, a partner, everything continues to work together as usual. As for the feedback that followed, the two of us had already made up their minds that there would definitely be feedback.”

In addition, “Nook-Pai” also thanked the fans for the period of traveling together for 2 years, almost 3 years. Thank you for all your concern, drive, support, everything. Thank you for all the opportunities that are always given. no matter what the future will be I still love my fans.

As for the case of the leaked CCTV footage of a woman visiting “Nook Thanadol” at the house, “Nook”‘s side admitted that a woman actually came to the house. but does not ask to be named Which has to apologize to all the fans who are disappointed Being in the age of being a teenager who has tried and wrong, admits it, apologizes for disappointing everyone. From now on, I want everyone to love the identity of Nook better. From now on, it will be more of an identity. did not hide However, Nook would like to admit that there is a real woman in the picture. Nook didn’t ask to be named. Now it’s like this I don’t know what the future will be. But I want to tell all the FC brothers, even if we reduce the status of the game. we will be friends In the future, Nook may have a boyfriend. Pai may have fans of FC, don’t worry. No one is certain to make our friendship disappear. Nook and Pai in this lifetime will definitely not leave each other in this life. Different people have different families, we will never leave each other.”

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