Shohei Ohtani The enemy army No. 4 is sent off immediately in the match.

Marlins Garcia missed four times and protested over strikeouts and was sent off immediately

■ Marlins-Angels (6th Japan time, Miami)

In the game of pitcher Shohei Ohtani, the enemy army gun was sent off early in the game. In the 4th inning, Marlins outfielder No. 4 Avisail Garcia protested to ball umpire Lance Barrett over the strike ball decision. He was sent off immediately.

The ball in question is the sixth ball from the full count. I overlooked the change-up, which is a low ball for Syndergaard, but the decision was a strike. I missed it and struck out. Garcia points her finger at the ball umpire and protests. He was sent off.

Mark Gubicza, a famous commentator of the Angels broadcasting station Barry Sports West, also sympathizes with the enemy’s main gun, “Are you two balls off?” “(Catcher) Stassie lifted the grab. Garcia will take a shower early,” said Patrick O’Neal calmly, but it was an unfinished exit for Garcia.

[Video]Is it really a ball?Video of Marlins No. 4 being sent off due to a fierce protest in the Otani participation game

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