Shrine of Io’nasaw in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Location and solution to the Io’nasaw Shrine, one of the Lanayru Swamp Shrines and western Necluda in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Among the 152 Shrines that you can complete in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom we find the Shrine of Io’nasawone of the 9 Shrines from the Lanayru Swamp region and western Necluda. Here we will explain how to get to the Sanctuary and what you must do to complete it.

Location and how to get to the Sanctuary of Io’nasaw

  • Coordinates: 1742, 0017, 0025

The entrance to this Sanctuary is in the zone North East of the region, in the Same Mercay from the swamp. Getting to him shouldn’t cost you too much.

How to complete the Shrine of Io’nasaw

The Sanctuary of Io’nasaw offers us a puzzle challenge under the title of a deep drive. In this case, we will have to traverse a total of 3 salas using the Ultrahand ability to hit a series of targets with some yellow balls.

Sala 1

When you enter this Sanctuary you will come across a first room in which there is a section with watera yellow ball floatingand at the top a big target.

The solution is simple: you have to hit the target with the ball.

  • For it, catch the ball with the Ultrahand.
  • dip the ball in the water to the bottom, just under the target.
  • Then drop the ball so that it shoots up.

This activate the target thus opening the barred door.

Sala 2

In it corridor on the way to room 2In addition to the enemy golem, look at the section with water left to your left. If you use the Ultramano you will be able to bring up the secret chest of the sanctuary, which is sunk right here.

Now proceed to room 2 and you will find a very similar puzzle the previous. The solution in this case is also very similar, but it can be solved with the yellow table What will you see floating in the water? Place the table in orientacin verticaldip it into the water and release it. I will shoot towards the target and activate it to open the barred door.

Sala 3

In the last zone, the sala 3you will have to find the way that get on a raised platform to avoid the fence that separates you from the final altar.

Obviously, there are several ways to proceed here, but it worked for us The next:

  • Place the yellow board near the elevator first to be able to jump ahead.
  • pick one up now yellow ball with the Ultramano and hndela in the water below the elevator.
  • Then release the yellow ball so that it shoots out and take the elevator up.
  • When the elevator goes back down, get on top of him.
  • use the Kickback skill in the elevator to go back up to the platform above.

This way can you reach the top platform and from there all you have to do is jump towards the heart of the sanctuary to end it.

Io’nasaw Shrine Chests and Rewards

  • Vault 1: contains a Reinforced Glem Bow. It’s right in the hallway with a golem between Room 1 and Room 2, sunk to the bottom of the water to the left.
  • luminous orb: on the altar at the end of the Sanctuary.

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