Sian Monk tears fall! Made a hundred thousand amulet fall from an escalator – found the cost of dismantling is more expensive than having to give up

Sian Monk tears fall! Drop a hundred thousand Buddha amulets into an escalator – found that the cost of dismantling is more expensive than having to give up

From the clip of the incident published in “TikTok” about the incident that a monk had dropped an amulet worth hundreds of thousands of baht into the escalator in the Pantip Ngamwongwan department store, where he had stopped the escalator. Have department store employees come to dismantle the escalator steps. to find him himself for more than an hour, but he did not find him

At 5:00 p.m. on March 4, the reporter traveled to the Pantip department store. Ngamwongwan Road, Bang Khen Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi Province to inquire about facts. by meeting Mr. Tosatham Khun In Pho or Jay Satellite, 26 years old who opened a monk shop in the aforementioned department store who took a clip of the incident on the day of the incident before being put into the tik tok application until a large number of people came to see

Mr. Thosatham or Jay Satellite said that the incident occurred on the afternoon of February 21. but just free to upload the clip yesterday On that day, while opening a monk’s shop normally, the electricity in the mall suddenly turned off for no apparent reason. After a while, I started to see that there were many people on the 3rd floor escalator, which was right behind their shop. So went to see the event too. thus knowing that there is a male sian made Phra Prok Bai Ta Kham, a small Buddha image belonging to Luang Pu Tim, Laharn Rai Temple, who is a famous monk of Rayong Province. Falling down while going down the escalator for only 2-3 steps, causing the said Saint monk Run down and press the stop button on the escalator downstairs. Until causing a fire to extinguish the entire department store After a while, the staff of the department store came to help the Saint Monks. As mentioned, by shining a flashlight looking through the stairway at each step, but did not find it. Before the officials decided to remove the lower escalator. to help search again With the aforementioned Saint Monk going down to search for the monk himself for almost an hour, but he did not find it.

Mr. Tosatham also said that for the price of the small amulet of Luang Pu Tim, Lahan Rai Temple, which the Sian Phra lost. Currently, the selling price is about 100,000 baht, plus or minus depending on the beauty of the Buddha image. Which since he opened a monk shop at this mall for about 4 -5 years, he has never seen an incident like this before. It is a parable for the Saint Monk to be more careful with holding the expensive small Buddha image.

Mr. Tosatham said that after the aforementioned monk had tried to search many times. And the staff of the department said that if the escalator had to be completely dismantled To find such a Buddha statue will cost much more than the price of a missing Buddha image. causing the Saint Monk to have a face that doesn’t fight well Even later, the staff has reassembled the escalator steps. But that Saint Priest still didn’t give up. Tried to walk up and down the escalator several times. until he gave up and returned Which after the incident, he did not know that the aforementioned Sian Monk Reported to the police as evidence or not, but it is certain that he is still under the escalator of this floor. But the demolition is laborious and costly and not worth the demolition cost. So the owner of the monk can only accept the situation that happened.


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