Siege Of Power – This Is Tomorrow

(c) Danila Klijzing

With a loud creaking, the crypt opens and four death metal veterans climb up. Behind Siege Of Power hiding current and former members of such illustrious acts as Autopsy, Hail Of Bullets, Asphyx and Grand Supreme Blood Court. In the fall of 2018, “Warning Blast” ditched hearing and seeing, true to the album title, and pounced on the old school between sawmill and glare guarantee. The successor „This Is Tomorrow“ turns out to be a whole tad darker and more desolate.

At the beginning, the second aspect reigns supreme, when “Force Fed Fear” rattles through the woodwork with verve, karacho and steam hammer. Three martial minutes with Chris Riefert’s slobbering, frenzied vocals dissect the old school basic cleaning. Even a little groove in the eye of the storm should not be missing. But the following “Sinister Christians” doesn’t necessarily try to break any speed records. A little more concrete, rough elemental force and rancid, hung guitars build the bridge to the old Death Doom school, which subsequently comes through more strongly.

Such as in “Deeper Wounds”, whose martial leisureliness robs all senses. The thickest walls are raised here, it smells really nice and foul, even for hidden melodic moments and an almost endless fade-out there is room. “As The World Crumbles” is a tad more compact, but even slower. Expansive solo work and occasional growls in a predominantly doomy environment show Siege Of Power from a completely different side. If that turns out to be too well-behaved then upbeat rages like “Zero Containment” and “The Devil’s Grasp”, the latter track with punky undertones, are more than welcome.

“This Is Tomorrow” sounds exactly as one might expect: old-school Death Metal, only, well, darker and more desolate. The Death-Doom passages in particular have been expanded, the cement mixer receives a few additional cycles, accompanied by infernal melodies. All around, Siege Of Power continue to hit the gas pedal and play out their entire routine. There are no big surprises, but there is damn good food from the first to the last minute. The sawmill is running at full speed.

Rating: 8/10

Available from: 02/17/2023
Available through: Metal Blade (Sony Music)


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