SiFu soon on Xbox and Steam

If you are one of the players who have not yet had the chance to play the SiFu game, well know that the title is expected on Steam and Xbox in March 2023. After being exclusive on PC (Epic Games Store) and also on PlayStation and Switch consoles, it’s finally the turn of Xbox and Steam players to dive into the fight in search of revenge.

SloClap unveiled the coming of the title on Xbox and Steam by announcing the new Arenas mode.

“The new Arenas mode will feature nine stylish new maps, each featuring new exclusive challenges of varying difficulty levels, adding several hours to the classic Sifu gameplay that fans love. Successfully completing arenas will gradually unlock a massive new batch of modifiers, which will double the current game amount and notably bring alternate moves to our main character’s Kung-Fu palette. Completing the new Arenas challenges will also unlock exclusive new tricks and outfits.”

In closing, here is a trailer that gives you a taste of this new mode, which, let’s remember, will be available in March 2023.

Sifu is available now on PC (Epic Games Store) PS4, PS5 and Switch

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