Signalmen’s strike in New Aquitaine: SNCF traffic severely disrupted

A switchmen’s strike in New Aquitaine has been seriously disrupting rail traffic in the South-West since Monday morning with an 85% cancellation of TGVs between Paris and Bordeaux and slower TER traffic, in line with forecasts, SNCF told AFP. the AFP.

“Traffic is in line with forecasts, the transport plan is held,” said a spokeswoman for SNCF in New Aquitaine.

According to its forecasts communicated on Friday, the SNCF ensures the circulation of five direct TGV round trips between Paris and Bordeaux, or approximately 15% of the planned offer.

The SNCF urged Friday “all travelers who can (…) to postpone their trip to another date”.

No TGV runs on Monday south of Bordeaux, towards Hendaye and Toulouse.

The strike call was launched by the CGT-Cheminots and the Unsa railway to demand better management of career endings and measures to ensure staff loyalty, according to Unsa.

The signalmen, who are employees of the SNCF Réseau company, are also demanding an increase in their work bonus, especially since the employees of the SNCF Voyageurs company benefited from a bonus of 600 euros at the end of the year.

With regard to Intercités, the service is also “very disrupted” with only two round trips planned between Toulouse and Marseille on the Bordeaux-Marseille line, two Toulouse-Bayonne round trips and no Nantes-Bordeaux train, detailed the press release on Friday. passenger SNCF.

The Paris-Orléans-Limoges-Toulouse train and the Paris-Rodez/Toulouse and Paris-Latour night trains from Carol/Lourdes are running normally.

TGV Inoui, Ouigo and Intercités customers will be able to exchange their ticket or get a refund.

For the TER in New Aquitaine, the transport plan provides for 30% of the usual traffic to be ensured. But ten lines, out of the thirty in the region, are not served (Poitiers/Angoulême, Angoulême/Bordeaux, Angoulême/Saintes/Royan, Poitiers/La Rochelle, La Rochelle/Saintes, Bordeaux/Arcachon, Bordeaux/Agen, Niort /Saintes, Bordeaux/Morcenx/Dax and Agen/Périgueux).

Connections between TER and main lines are not guaranteed.

The switchmen’s strike, which began on Sunday evening, is scheduled to run until 8 a.m. Tuesday.

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