Singer Clara Luciani says she suffers from “uncontrollable tremors”

A few days ago, Clara Luciani confided in an interview to suffer from a neurological disorder called “essential tremor”.

The sequence had gone a little unnoticed. However, when she was Vincent Cerutti’s guest on M Radio on November 29, French singer Clara Lucianito whom we owe in particular the hits “La Grenade” or “Le reste”, explained that he had suffered for a long time from a frequent neurological disorder: essential tremor.

In this interview spotted by our colleagues from The Dispatchit was then that she was questioned about the fact that she systematically uses a wired microphone, that the artist made this confidence.

“I’m shaking all the time,” Clara Luciani explained. “I have an essential tremor and the wire of the microphone allows me to stabilize my hands”, she further detailed.

A disease “not well known to the general public”

But let the singer’s fans be reassured, essential tremor, even if it is sometimes embarrassing, remains a common neurological disease. It “results in uncontrollable tremors during movement or active maintenance of a posture. Not well known to the general public, this disease can cause social handicap and stigmatization of those affected”, thus indicates the Vidalthe famous medical encyclopedia.

“I could also assume my tremors but I haven’t arrived there yet”, confided the winner of a Victoire de la musique in 2020, specifying that these tremors “do not bother her in other areas of her life. life”.

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