Singing in Hong Kong in January, BLACK PINK breaks BTS record, the most expensive VIP flight is $2,999

BLACK PINK will launch a world tour, from October to June next year.

The popular Korean group BLACK PINK, who came to Hong Kong again after 3 years, has already had ten times the price. The ticket prices for the 3 Hong Kong shows held in January next year are quite aggressive. The most expensive VIP ticket is close to 3,000 Hong Kong dollars, overwhelming the group BTS ( BTS) set the highest Korean star record!

BLACK PINK, whose popularity has swept the world in recent years, launched a world tour “BORN PINK” with Seoul as the first stop last month. They will perform in 26 cities in Europe, America, Australia and Asia, from October this year to June next year. The 3 Hong Kong concerts will be held at AsiaWorld-Expo from January 13th to 15th next year. Tickets will be on sale next Wednesday. Holders of BLACK PINK’s global official Fan Club “BLINK Membership” can purchase tickets in advance next Monday.

The organizer announced the ticket price for the Hong Kong station yesterday, including the most expensive VIP ticket price of 2,999 Hong Kong dollars for watching the rehearsal, exclusive peripheral merchandise booths, commemorative cards and lanyards, setting a record for a Korean star in Hong Kong. Etc. Compared with the group’s HK$1,898 VIP ticket 3 years ago, it has increased by more than 50%, and it also surpassed the HK$2,488 VIP ticket price of BTS who also came to Hong Kong in 2019!

In addition to Hong Kong station, ticket prices for Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Manila and Singapore stations held from January to May next year will also be announced one after another. Among them, the HK$3,244 VIP ticket for Kuala Lumpur station is the most amazing, which is much more expensive than other Southeast Asian regions. The local music fans were dissatisfied, and the organizers were caught off guard. The most expensive tickets for Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Manila were HK$1,895, HK$2,095, HK$2,265 and HK$2,655 respectively. As for the Taiwan venue, which went on sale last month, The VIP fare is HK$2,160.

The hourly salary of the US station is 3.2 million

In recent months, the group has focused on touring the U.S., and performed 2 shows in Newark, New Jersey a few days ago, earning a total of approximately HK$51.3 million. In terms of HK$25.66 million per show, it broke the highest single-day ticket price for a global girl group’s US Arena concert The sales record, and some netizens jokingly said that if the proceeds from the tickets are divided, the 4 girls will perform for about 2 hours each, and each hourly salary will be as high as 3.2 million Hong Kong dollars! And their ticket revenue has surpassed the 130 million Hong Kong dollars revenue of the Korean group TWICE’s previous US tour, becoming the Korean girl group with the highest ticket revenue in the local area. Members Lisa and Jennie gave back to music fans, and recently released their sexy looks from American Show.

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