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The Solidarity Income It’s one of the social programs which benefits more than 4 million households in conditions of poverty, extreme poverty and vulnerability, which aims to counteract the negative impacts caused by pandemic from COVID-19.

To receive the Solidarity Income A number of requirements must be met, the first and most important being be registered in the Identification System for Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs (Sisbén).

Since the pandemic started the value of the subsidy was the same for all beneficiarieshowever, from March of this year the payments will be differentiated by the categories of the Sisben. In addition, these will be bimonthly.

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Sisbén IV groups

  • The group A It is made up of five subgroups from A1 to A5.
  • The It has 7 subgroups from B1 to B7.
  • The group C It has 18 subgroups from C1 to C18.
  • The group D it has two from D1 to D21.

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Payments depending on the group

Since March, solidarity income has had a 18% increasewhich means that it increased by $30,000 pesos compared to last year due to inflation and rising food prices. This time payments will be differentiated and depend on the Sisbén group where you are and the number of people you live with:

  • Single-person households will receive $400,000 pesos (group A) and $396,000 pesos (group B).
  • Two people in the home $400,000 pesos (group A) and $396,000 pesos (group B).
  • Three people in the home $480,000 pesos (group A) and $412,000 pesos (group B).
  • Four or more people in the room $520,000 (group A) and $428,000 (group B).
  • The people who belong to the group will receive the bimonthly payments of $380,000 pesos.

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Dates of the next payments

The national government defined the calendar for the rest of the transfers of this year’s subsidy in such a way thate the next payment will be available from the third week of May. Through the social networks of the department of Social Prosperity the beneficiaries will be able to know from when they will be able to have this resource this will be the following dates of transfers:

  • Third week of May
  • Third week of July
  • second week of september
  • second week of november

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