Skilled labor shortage: civil servant covenant warns of government bleeding out

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Not only many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find enough qualified employees. The German Civil Service also warns of a dramatic shortage of skilled workers in the civil service. Even now, the administrations were bleeding in East Germany, because many employees were wooed by West German countries, said DBB CEO Ulrich Silberbach of the "Augsburger Allgemeine".

The already huge staff shortage in East German communities will be further aggravated. Even in the West, the shortage of personnel in the police, the judiciary, the tax administration and, above all, IT specialists has become particularly great.

In the competition for specialists, it is no longer sufficient for the state to offer particularly secure jobs. The prospect of adequate pensions no longer attract young people sufficiently. "The attractiveness of the public service does not depend solely on the money," said Silberbach. In order to attract more young people, "we have to improve the compatibility of work and family life, the work and care of relatives, and even of work and leisure."

Big problems with tax offices

Also the multiple limitation of jobs in the public service push young people into the free economy. For the East, the full adjustment of salaries in the civil service to the West level is necessary, demanded Silberbach. Pay differentials of up to 400 euros a month "can not be explained with the different economic power of the federal states". Also as regards Christmas money or promotions, there are big differences between West and East.

The lack of staff is also dramatic in the tax administration. This applies in particular to the tax audit. "Even with the police is highly lacking staff," said the head of the DBB. This gives citizens the impression that they can no longer safely move in public spaces. "This leads to tensions, unrest and dissatisfaction, yes, ultimately strengthens parties such as the AfD," warned Silberbach.


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