Skin cancer: the fact about the youngest that worries specialists

According to the data of the Global Cancer Observatory (Globocan), 126,818 were diagnosed in Argentina in 2020 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer, that is to say, the less aggressive form of the two in which this affection can appear. Although the specialists detail that this pathology continues to affect mostly the population between 60 and 70 years old, one data is worrying: it is increasingly seen among younger people and there are even patients in their 20s pathology.

Hence, in vacation months, in which the sun is felt on the skin with just a few minutes exposure and when the summer schools they receive thousands of children every day, once again the recommendations from the dermatology areas are heard. “The cskin cancer has been increasing significantly around the world; It is the type of cancer that has been increasing the most and we see it in clinics with people who are reaching younger and younger ages”, Explains Sonia Rodríguez Saa, a long-time dermatologist and head of the Dermatology Service at Hospital El Carmen.


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