Skrekas: In 10 minutes the establishment of 12 more types of businesses – 2024-02-25 22:23:43

In a minimum time that will not exceed ten minutes, from almost a month required today, companies will be able to establish an additional twelve different legal forms, with the decision of the Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas.

This is highlighted in announcement of the Ministry of Development on the occasion of the Ministerial Decision on “Standard Articles of Association for the establishment of companies through the One Stop Service (SSO) and the Electronic Service”.

As stated, “the time required for the electronic recommendation is reduced to a minimum. Within the next months and in just ten minutes at a cost of 15 to 18 euros, an entrepreneur can set up a company with the only tool is his personal computer.”

Until now, the interested young entrepreneur needed precious time – which could exceed a month – as he had to visit at least three different services (GEMI Chamber Service, competent DOU and EFKA).

All legal forms will be able to be set up with a standard statute and with additional content so that interested parties can draw up and submit their company’s statutes.

The 12 legal forms which are additionally included, are the following:
– Limited liability company by shares (from 01/05/2024)
– Joint venture (from 01/05/2024)
– Civil Society (from 01/05/2024)
– Urban Cooperative (from 01/07/2024)
– Energy Community of Citizens (from 01/07/2024)
– Renewable Energy Community (from 01/07/2024)
– Social Cooperative of Limited Liability (from 01/10/2024)
– Social Cooperative Enterprise (from 01/10/2024)
– Employees’ Cooperative (from 01/10/2024)
– European Cooperative Society (from 01/12/2024)
– European Economic Group (from 01/12/2024)
-European Company (from 01/12/2024)

In his statement, Kostas Skrekas he pointed out that “we continue to work every day to break the shackles of bureaucracy that afflicts professionals and citizens” and added: “The friendly business environment that the government is building is practical. The possibility of electronic incorporation of a company is extended to 12 more legal forms. Time-consuming bureaucratic procedures are simplified, entrepreneurship, especially of young people, is promoted and facilitated. Simplifying, standardizing and digitizing all processes tackles bureaucracy at its root. Our government is changing Greece and proves it every day.”

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