Sleeping alligator stopped… flights at air base [βίντεο] 2024-04-24 20:51:38

The 10-foot-long animal crawled next to a four-wheel chock of the aircraft and lay next to it and between them in images shared by MacDill Air Force Base on Facebook Monday morning.






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A few hours later, the base shared a near-delicate video of the alligator, which had been disturbed from its quiescent state. Two Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials tied up the reptile, one with a rope around its head and another with a rope around its tail.

Officials grab the reptile with two straps and wrap them around the alligator’s belly, but it wiggles and resists. After a bit of a struggle, the animal was finally successfully removed from the tarmac.

The video was cut, but the air base explained the rest of the episode.

“Our newest cog Airman has been moved to a more suitable off-base environment. Big thanks to FWC for the help,” the base wrote.

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