Small dishes, sport or family … The good habits that we have (finally) kept after confinement

A woman playing sports in Palavas-les-Flots, May 7, 2020. – Pascal GUYOT / AFP

  • Six months ago to the day, France entered general confinement to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.
  • To keep busy, keep fit or keep a connection with the outside world, some have tried new activities.
  • Running, spending time with family or cooking… A few months later, readers of 20 Minutes confirm that they have kept these (good) habits.

Just six months ago, 65 million French people (and much of the rest of the world) left for 55 days of total confinement. For those who were not sick, who had no family problems, it was necessary to occupy these hours saved on daily life: cooking, sport, puzzle, reading or painting on wood (less common) … What remains there any activities born from this very special period? Our readers tell.

It must be admitted, confinement has revolved around food a lot, a lot. To feed themselves, fleeing the big supermarkets, some have changed their habits, and for good. Like Nadège: “We continue the drive for shopping, picking fruit and vegetables, poultry and eggs on the farm”, she explains. “And the whole family got involved. We have been making our own bread since March, the children bake cakes, pies, pancakes, compote for snacks. “Aurélie is also delighted with her discovery:” Since confinement, I do my shopping at the local greengrocer and today, I cannot do without it “.

Walking to go … nowhere

At Catherine, the confinement caused a miracle, that of reuniting the whole family around the table. Even today, with her husband and their two children, they have kept this ritual. “Everyone ate in their own corner, in turn. The confinement allowed us to refocus, to be together, and we continue to eat like this! “

Gwenaëlle also got closer to her daughter during the famous “neighborhood tours” that she did on foot around her home. “We continue, at the end of the afternoon or after eating, two to three times a week… It’s a great and beautiful moment of exchange”, she confides. These walks, Anne-Lise * did them alone, and she continues. “I used to take the time to walk to get nowhere. Just walk like in a bubble, with no other goal than to take time to share a moment with me ”. Ditto for Aurélie, who finds calm and appeasement in these walks. “I realized that walks in nature allowed me to make a real break with the tumults of the city. “

Calorie loss in living rooms

For the more athletic, walking was no longer enough. They then began to do push-ups, lunges and sit-ups in their living room. Like Annie, who was inspired by watching a TV show. “I started stretching two, then three, then four and five times a week. I continued until I went on vacation. Now, I’m back home and I took this gym in my living room again, ”she says. For Stéphanie, confinement was the golden opportunity to dust off her treadmill. And on May 11, she didn’t stop running, even if the scenery changed: “on May 11, I made my first outing outdoors. Since then, I have kept the pace, I run every two or three days between 6 and 8 kilometers. “

Same story for Blandine, who started video fitness “with a colleague who lives 600 km from my home,” she explains. “We chose one or more videos, we gave each other the signal start by SMS and everyone made the video on their own. Then we debriefed, ”she explains. “We started in April and we’re continuing, after a break in August. Another friend joined us in June. We do this every morning between 6 a.m. and 6.30 a.m., so that everyone is on time at work and has time to take care of the children. I love it and I hope that we will continue to last ”. We bet on it, see you in six months!

* The first name has been changed

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