SMEs from Río Negro reject increases in the electricity rate for the Energy Fund

2023-11-22 17:19:24

Business and productive chambers of Río Negro expressed concern about the creation of a third contribution for the Provincial Electric Energy Fund approved by the Rio Negro legislature. This will be passed on to final consumers through a 5% increase in the electricity rate. «It was treated behind our backs.“said Gabriel Trujillo, an entrepreneur from Bariloche, promoter of the bill that seeks to create an Electricity Promotion Registry for MicroSMEs.

The contribution, called the Complementary Electricity Development Fund (FoCDE), was approved last Friday. «Despite the efforts and sustained opposition of the entire business and productive sector, the Legislature chose to approve an increase that will have significant consequences on the sector we represent and, therefore, on the economic development of the entire province.a”, expressed entities in the sector in a statement.

In December 2022, the project was about to start, but it stopped due to complaints from businessmen. However, “it just happened now, and the Provincial Executive, ignoring the requirement with the support of the productive sector that we are doing, presents another project and comes to complicate the SME sector and all citizens«Trujillo expressed in dialogue with It’s time to BLACK RIVER RADIO.

«It comes to generate a third fund. There are already two. Seeks to build a ‘vaquita’ of 100 million dollars for the next ten years which is in direct relationship with the province’s Electrical Master Plan,” he explained. Representatives of the sector claimed that the legislators moved forward with a “purely collection purpose to finance its obligations as a provincial state, ignoring the requirement of all the Rio Negro people.

«It will take 5% more electricity consumption out of the pockets of all Rio Negro residents to form that third fund that the province will administer and that will complicate the existence of all of us. It has nothing to do with increases due to inflation. “This is new,” Trujillo warned.

In effect, as reported by the provincial legislature, the law creates a third component within the Provincial Electric Energy Fund (FPEE). The latter is the FoCDE, “which adds to and complements the existing ones: Provincial Tariff Subsidies Fund (FoProST) and Provincial Electrical Infrastructure Fund (FoPIE),” they detailed.

The business representatives pointed out that “the implementation of this modification to Law 2,902 would imply double taxation and would exclude those who buy in the Wholesale Electricity Market, generating a distortion “which punishes small users in the province who cannot buy their energy in the MEM.”

The statement signed by chambers and business federations of the province requests “It is urgent for our leaders to reconsider the decision, emphasizing the need to preserve the stability and development of the Rio Negro business and production network. He has already handed himself over to the provincial Energy Secretariat with the request to prohibit its application.

SMEs from Río Negro had presented a project for a special electricity rate

In October 2022, Gabriel Trujillo along with other SME entrepreneurs presented a bill in the Río Negro legislature to create an Electricity Promotion Registry for MicroSMEs. This “was left sleeping in the provincial legislature. It was on the agenda and they didn’t deal with it“, he pointed.

It aimed to generate a benefit for the SME sector with a special electricity rate. This is project 938/2022, which “all legislators know about and also has the support of the entire sector, but it is now in history. We are seeing this new measure as a new imposition«he remarked.

He pointed out that the SME sector already pays for infrastructure. «When we talk about T2 we are paying consumption that we are not going to have. If we go from the point of view of the users, they have also paid from the million-dollar forgiveness that there was to the distributors that reached 60% of the debts they had,” he indicated.

«You never know for sure who manages the funds and what it is formally intended for. People need to know that all this is reflected in prices, because there are operating costs to sustain. So the user ends up paying multiple times. Officials must respond“, hill.

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