SNCF: the CEO announces a savings plan to limit the impact of the strike

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One billion euros. This is more or less what the strike at SNCF should cost, according to the latest estimates from the railway company.

Already, Wednesday, after a meeting with the leaders of SNCF and RATP, Édouard Philippe had announced in a press release that the cost of blockages in transport, launched 43 days ago, had already and already cost 250 million to RATP and 850 million to SNCF.

“Field employment” not concerned

In a few days, this deficit should increase further, according to the CEO of the SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou. “In total, we will not be very far from the billion (euros in losses), we are already at 850” million, estimated the leader this Thursday, in front of journalists, adding that “there will be a plan of ‘savings’ to help restore accounts this year.

Jean-Pierre Farandou said he had promised the SNCF board of directors “to arrive at the end of February with a more detailed assessment of the elements and with a plan that addresses the situation”. The plan “will try to straighten out what can be straightened out,” he said. “But I won’t touch the job on the ground,” he promised.

“It will damage us”

” It will hurt […], it will damage us, “he also deplored, saying that he was still unable to specify whether the SNCF would be in the red in 2019.” The 600 (million euros) of last year, they are lost, we put them in the fence, -600 and basta ”, also judged Jean-Pierre Farandou. Adding: “We will try to make up for” part of the 300 to 350 million losses that the strike should cause this year.

The head of the SNCF is also considering disposals, which would also allow the development of activities, he noted. On the commercial side, it also intends to “amplify the recovery in traffic” with “low prices”.

This announcement comes as unions opposed to the pension reform tried on Thursday to maintain the protest with a new day of demonstrations. They say they are “determined” for the future, with a new appointment on January 24.


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