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The Croatian government announced that it will purchase 12 second-hand Rafale fighters used by the French Air Force to replace the country’s old MiG-21 fighters. Soaring Wind has been buying very much recently. In addition to Greece’s purchase of 18 aircraft and Egypt’s purchase of 30 additional aircraft, Indonesia has also expressed a keen interest in the aircraft.

“Defense News” reported that the Croatian government has announced the purchase of 10 single-seater and two two-seater second-hand Soaring, the contract price is about 1 billion euros (about 33.7 billion NT dollars), in addition to the original Soaring, the contract It also includes weapon systems, components, logistics and training support. The first batch of 6 Soaring Wind will be delivered in 2024, and the other 6 will be delivered in 2025. However, the contract has not yet been officially signed.

This will be a big improvement in the combat power of the Croatian Air Force, because its current main fighters are 12 MiG-21s, and due to maintenance difficulties, only 4 can actually take on the Quick Response Alert (QRA) mission. Although the Biaofeng it will purchase is a second mobile phone, it will be upgraded to a F3R version equipped with RBE2-AA Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) radar, an upgraded Link-16 tactical data link and Spectra electronic warfare system. Beyond the country’s imaginary enemy Serbia, the latter’s main fighter is 14 MiG-29s.

After the Soarable entered service in 2001, its export performance was not good at the beginning, and it was not until 2015 that Egypt became the first foreign customer; but this year, in addition to Croatia, Greece has officially signed 18 Soarables purchase contracts, and Egypt has purchased additional aircraft. 30. Indonesia has also expressed interest in buying 36.

The news website “The Drive” pointed out that in addition to overwhelming imaginary enemies, Cyclone will also enable Croatia, which has been using Russian-made models for a long time, to further integrate with NATO’s air defense system. However, some former pilots of this country are worried. It is not easy to replace the new fighters. In particular, the hurricane is much more advanced than the MiG-21. The hardware equipment from the battle management, training mechanism to the hangar may need to be completely replaced, which will cause the country. Huge pressure.

Article Source:Croatia to drop €1 billion on used Rafale fighter jets
Article Source:Croatia Is Getting French Rafale Multirole Fighters To Replace Its Veteran MiG-21s

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