[Société] 93 drugs sold in France would be dangerous, according to the journal Prescrire

For the ninth consecutive year, the journal Prescrire publishes its list of drugs “to be avoided for better treatment”. The specialists judge these treatments “more dangerous than useful”, for them, “the balance benefits-risks is unfavorable in all the clinical situations in which they are authorized”. This list includes 112 drugs sold in the European Union, among them 93 are marketed in France.

It is especially the adverse effects of these drugs that are reviewed by the team of specialists from various health professions “ free from conflicts of interest »Says the review Prescribe. This list concerns treatments against cancer, hair loss or osteoarthritis. The Prescrire magazine states:

– active drugs, but which, taking into account the clinical situation, expose to disproportionate risks compared to the benefits they provide;

– old medicines whose use is outdated, because other newer medicines have a more favorable benefit-risk balance;

– recent drugs, the benefit-risk balance of which is less favorable than that of older drugs;

– medicinal products whose effectiveness is not proven beyond that of a placebo, and which expose to particularly serious side effects.

Some treatments have already been singled out by the National Medicines Safety Agency (Ansm). This is the case, for example, of Propecia, a treatment for baldness that contains finasteride. At the end of last year, the Ansm warned about the risks of psychiatric disorders and sexual function.

Drugs for Alzheimer’s disease are also in the sights, this is the case with treatments such as Donepezil, galantamine, rivastigmine or even memantine. “None of these drugs has demonstrated efficacy in slowing down the progression to dependence and they expose to serious side effects, sometimes fatal.”

Finally, around ten drugs from the gliflozin family, against diabetes, are also among the drugs to be excluded because “they have a profile of heavy adverse effects. [..] and possibly increased risk of toe amputation ”. The drugs on this list are “causes of death, hospitalization or serious or very bothersome, largely preventable,” according to the journal Prescrire. However, they are not “necessarily future Mediator, at the center of scandals and lawsuits (…) Especially if all the health players react in time”.

The list of 112 drugs to find HERE.


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