[Société] PlayStation 5: less than 2,000 consoles have arrived in Reunion

Right now, getting your hands on a PlayStation 5 is next to impossible. Sony has pulled off a masterstroke by launching, with great fanfare, the latest addition to its favorite range, but for gamers on the island, the wait is unbearable. In Reunion, since the release of the console, between 1,300 and 2,000 PS5 have arrived, a very small amount compared to demand. And it should take time to settle.

For the first time, the Japanese manufacturer has operated with pre-orders but at the end of the day, an ultra limited quantity of consoles. In a very short time, the order book was jam-packed all over the world.

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In the island, it is undoubtedly the independent brand Videodrive which recorded the most pre-orders, more than 3,700. Yann Law-Dune, the manager of the specialized store wishes to remain discreet on the number of orders already fulfilled “ there is a certain confidentiality on the subject He whispers. But he wants to be reassuring ” we receive arrivals every 3/4 days, the stock arrives in a trickle but things are progressing rather well ».

Few consoles on the market

According to a source on the dispatcher side, since November 19, three waves of arrivals have reached Reunion. That’s between 1,500 and 2,000 PlayStation 5s and all of those consoles have been sold to people who have pre-ordered. As for the distribution of consoles among retailers, ” it is based on turnover of the sign “. Supermarkets, video game brands, stores specializing in electronics etc … that makes a lot of people! For the lucky ones, it is therefore a dozen consoles that were received … But our source is nuanced “ There were three times more dedicated PS5s in Reunion Island when it was released than at the launch of the PS4, which means that Sony has made three more efforts for Reunion Island gamers. At the time, there was no possibility to book, it was war in the store ».

Efforts yes, but insufficient in the face of very significant demand. Few families have been able to put a PlayStation 5 under the tree at Christmas. And few are those who will be able to have fun with the console without ceasing because for three weeks, the arrivals to Reunion have stopped. But the source dispatcher ensures ” the next arrivals are scheduled for January. Much of the stock is expected to arrive by February / March. »

Gamers are on their toes

Until then, Reunion Island gamers will have to take their troubles patiently. Sébastien Briard, pop culture, video games and cinema columnist explains the workings of the Japanese manufacturer’s communication strategy ” Sony has been working like this for years, the goal is to create a buzz by creating high expectations among gamers. A limited stock, necessarily, enthusiasts want to be among the first to enjoy the console. In addition, in the end, compared to what was announced, there were fewer PS5s ».

According to this connoisseur of the gaming world, the PS5 will be more accessible in stores ” from March / April “. Where the shoe pinches is at the level of the fairly unequal distribution according to him ” some pre-ordered in September and still have not received their console while others who have booked after have had it, it is the same situation in metropolitan France. Moreover, the amount of the pre-order can vary between 50 and 200 depending on the distributor, there too there is inequality »He explains.

No price drop in anticipation

However, he admits that Reunion Island distributors have played along, “ in the end, we are just 50 euros more than the mainland, ie 550 euros for the version with reader and 450 for the version without, that’s pretty fair. Bringing her from mainland would cost much more “. However, the PS5 is still relatively expensive, but is it worth it? Sébastien Briard is divided “ bugs on the fan, the player, the controllers have already been noted but this is nothing exceptional on a launch console. In addition, there are no games exclusive to the PS5, they are all compatible with the PS4 ».

While the price isn’t to be expected to drop significantly in 2021, perhaps things could change by 2022, when the second-generation PS5 has been announced by connoisseurs. Until then, Sony has indicated that a massive restocking is underway, the specialized media speak of 16.8 to 18 million units which are expected to surge into the global market in the coming months. For the more impatient, it is possible to find a new PS5 on a well-known classifieds site, it will cost you a trifle of 1,500 euros.



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