Society of Intensive Medicine on lack of personnel: “At the moment it is not a problem, but a concern”

“We are far from a saturation of the system,” said intensivist physician Mauricio Bertullo.

According to a study carried out by the Uruguayan Society of Intensive Care Medicine, the total occupancy of beds in ICU in the last week was 56.8%. Mauricio Bertullo, intensive care physician and representative of society, pointed out to 970 News that “we are far from a saturation of the system.”

He indicated that they are concerned about the amount of human resources affected by the virus, “at the moment it is not a problem, but it is a concern” said Bertullo. Among human resources, he emphasized the importance of other areas, within health personnel, which are sometimes not mentioned so much: nutritionists, nursing assistants, physical therapists, among others. “This is a very collaborative work,” he said.

Listen to Mauricio Bertullo, Intensive Care Physician, in dialogue with 970 News

Photo: Gastón Britos / FocoUy

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