Soledad Pastorutti: Balancing Fame and Family – Exclusive Insights on Her Personal Life and Work

2023-09-12 11:44:00
Soledad Pastorutti usually shows issues related to her work on her social networks

The reserved profile regarding her family life is one of the points on which Soledad Pastorutti placed the most emphasis, both in interviews and when she was seen on social networks. Thus, the interpreter usually keeps her personal life aside from her professional life, so every time this breaks down, it is celebrated by each of her followers who do not hesitate to show her affection at every opportunity. possible.

Last Sunday, for example, elections were held in the province of Santa Fe to elect the new governor. La Sole, originally from the town of Arequito, exercised her right and civic responsibility to vote. For the occasion, she decided to do it in the company of her eldest daughter, Antonia, who is now 13 years old. Through social networks, specifically on her Instagram account, the singer shared a video in which she is inside her car with the young woman.

Soledad Pastorutti and her daughter Antonia, who is now 13 years old (IG sole_pastorutti)

In the images, you can see how the artist tries to play a little prank on her daughter, making her believe that they will take a photograph together, but in reality, she starts a recording. Upon realizing the situation, Antonia shows her discontent in a timid manner, expressing that she does not like being recorded. However, this moment seems to be fun for Soledad, who laughs at her daughter’s reaction. In the video, she clarifies that, despite being together, only she will vote, since her daughter has not yet reached the required age to do so.

In another segment of her Instagram stories, the interpreter documents her visit to the voting center, showing a selfie in which she is in the foreground, while behind her, the polling station authorities pose smiling, clearly excited to have to a celebrity of his caliber in the place.

Soledad Pastorutti with her daughter Antonia when she turned 13 (IG sole_pastorutti)

Antonia is the first daughter of the marriage between Soledad and Jeremías Audoglio. The couple married in April 2007 and, three years later, Antonia was born. Later, the family grew with the arrival of Regina, the second daughter, who is currently 10 years old.

A few days ago she was asked who is more critical of her work, her sister Natalia or her husband, to which she did not hesitate to respond: “Stick and stick, but I trust my sister more, because I fight with Jere. She has another way of saying things that shocks me a little more.”

On social networks, Soledad tends to maintain a reserved profile regarding her family life, mainly sharing aspects of her artistic career, which includes concerts, musical releases, collaborations with other artists and participation in television programs. However, from time to time, she offers her followers small glimpses into her personal life. For example, the last post she shared with Antonia was in June, on the occasion of her daughter’s 13th birthday. As for Regina, the last time she appeared on Soledad’s networks was in February, when she celebrated her tenth birthday.

Soledad accompanied by her daughter Regina, in one of the last images published together (IG sole_pastorutti)

“My ray of sunshine, my silent sigh, my path full of new aromas, all the space in my heart,” wrote the outstanding artist when sharing with her hundreds of followers three photos and an emotional video of Regina, the little girl who turned 10 years old.

“May you always be free and happy!!! I love you Regina,” concluded the former jury of La Voz Argentina (Telefe) and took the opportunity to thank the photographer Laureana Fenoy, who carried out the production in which the mother and her daughter appear holding hands while the song plays in the background. theme You are. The lyrics of the song say: “You are the best thing that happened to me in my life, I have no doubt there will be nothing more after you. “You are what gave shine to everyday life.”

Soledad Pastorutti formed a family with Jeremías, and they had Antonia and Regina (Archive)
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