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2023-12-24 17:38:45

Immerse yourself in the world of quality audio production with the RØDECaster Duo. An all-in-one solution that revolutionizes podcasting, streaming, music production and content creation. Take advantage now of an exclusive offer with an exceptional 25% reduction.

Unrivaled audio power with the RØDECaster Duo

Equip yourself with two high-quality Neutrik combo connectors with low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps. These two connectors will guarantee sound quality crystal clear for your recordings and broadcasts. The four broadcast-quality faders and high-resolution touchscreen provide intuitive controlwhile the six SMART pads provide easy access to advanced features.

Professional Podcasting All-in-One Studio Multi-Track Recording

Studio effects and advanced connectivity

The RØDECaster Duo offers studio audio quality effectsincluding legendaries Aural Exciter et Big Bottom d’APHEX. These effects give you a rich and professional sound palette.

Professional Podcasting All-in-One Studio Multi-Track RecordingProfessional Podcasting All-in-One Studio Multi-Track Recording

With a built-in wireless receiver, multi-track recording to microSD card, and extensive connectivity via USB-C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, this solution is designed to meet all your audio production needs. We invite you to view this video for a short demonstration.

Exclusive offer, -25% on RØDE’s all-in-one solution

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity with a 25% reductionlet RED RØDECaster Duo is now available at 489.00 euros instead of 649.00 euros. Treat yourself to a complete audio production studio and reach new creative heights without compromise!

Solution production audioSolution production audio

The advantages of a production solution for podcasting and streaming

Exceptional sound quality

Offer your audience an immersive audio experience with a quality production solution. A Caster Duo ensures crystal clear audio capture thanks to its advanced preamps. This device ensures that every word spoken is clear and impactfult. For podcasting and streaming, however, sound quality is key to captivating your audience and creating professional, engaging content.

RØDE RØDECaster Duo Solution production audioRØDE RØDECaster Duo Solution production audio

Ease of use and intuitive control

Ease of use is crucial when creating podcasts or live streams. With a Caster Duo, benefit from intuitive control thanks to user-friendly features. Simple commandsadvanced connectivity and an intuitive touchscreen allow you to stay focused on your content rather than technology.

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