Somaya al-Khashab: “My grocer, two days, we will not die” because of your promise

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Singer Sumaya al-Khashab continues to record her new song “Promise”, through which she returns to sing after a period of absence. “Sumaya” told Al-Masry Al-Youm that she has not tasted sleep for two continuous days, because of her making adjustments to the song and adding a new coupe, explaining that the reactions to the first The song was very good, explaining that the song is now in the montage stage.

I promise you, the popular singer Omar Kamal will sing it with her, and it is a summer dance song, different music close to festivals, stressing that she loves Omar Kamal’s voice and considers it one of the strong voices in Egypt, and he is very smart and knows very well to choose the voices that suit him to sing with.

Somaya Kulaib’s last work was “Arabia Ana”, during which she collaborated with the Lebanese director Randa Kodeih, and it was written by Muhammad Hassan and Hisham Sadiq and distributed by Mahmoud Al-Shaeri, and it was filmed between Syria in the Black Desert, and the photo studio Hatem Ali.


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