Something is happening again in terms of foldable

In China, a previously unknown Xiaomi Mi Fold has now been photographed in the public subway. You can read why we are of the opinion that this is a posed photo in the following article.

Often teased but never published

To date, only Samsung, Motorola and Huawei are actually represented with a foldable in stores. From the current number three – Xiaomi – we have often heard something about a possible folding smartphone and also seen it in the hands of the Xiaomi CEO. He recently demonstrated a prototype that could be folded twice. This year it should finally be ready. And that can already be seen in one of the subway campaigns planned in my opinion by the Xiaomi Marketing department.

Because two so-called “spyshots” are currently going through social media. A foldable smartphone or even tablet can be seen on it, which is apparently loaded with the Xiaomi user interface. To me, it looks like either a very unfinished product or a Xiaomi Mi Fold in a protective case.

Xiaomi Mi Fold Prototype

Because the device has a very wide edge and a display with a heavy fold in the middle, which was probably created by folding it up. There is probably even a protective film over the display. Unfortunately, we cannot see in the two photos whether there is another display on the outside.

Planned marketing campaign for the Xiaomi Mi Fold

Now the reason I personally consider this a marketing stunt. Two photos that someone secretly wanted to have taken in the Chinese subway when a Xiaomi employee was using a prototype. In both photos, the user is either in the settings or on the “My device” page. Now everyone can ask themselves self-critically how often you are in the settings of “My device” or “About the phone” in the technical data on your smartphone in daily use?

Not that often, is it? In addition, the first photo was taken from the left and then from the right. Doesn’t attract attention when I’m in the subway and in Corona times someone gets on my skin and then cokes around me. In my opinion, these are very clear photos where everyone can see the MIUI 12. So let’s see the two pictures as an introduction to a Xiaomi Mi Fold this year. Wouldn’t be the first time. The marketing of the Xiaomi Mi 11 was introduced that way.

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