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Last weekend, the women played the last tournament of their season on the US golf tour, rounds three and four of the Tour Championship took place, the final championship of the LPGA Tour. The number one in the world, the South Korean Jin Young Ko, triumphed at the Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, located on the Gulf of Mexico. But the greater interest attracted an event in the interior of Florida, at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club near Orlando, which proves the specialty of this story. An eleven-year-old boy made sure that 200 people and dozens of television cameras were present at his first strike, like them New York Times appropriately described investigative. Photographers then got into position, analysts went on air, and there was diligent commentary on social media.

And all because of: Charlie Woods.

Tiger Woods, the 15-time major champion who had defeated everything in the ground for a decade, the boy prodigy who appeared on a TV show with Bob Hope swinging bats at the age of three, now presented his offspring in one place for the first time . At the PNC Championship, the father-son tournament for professionals, which Bernhard Langer also won several times (twice with Stefan and Jason), Tiger formed a team with Charlie. Two rounds of 18 lanes were played in a special counting format, the Woods came in seventh. But that was irrelevant. The fascinating thing was that there was a Woods in its original size – and an identical one, only in small.

The PGA Tour has now cut the beats and behavior of father and son against each other on the Internet, the two-minute film illustrates how much tiger is in Charlie. He took hold of his cap in a similar way, cheered with the same fist movement, putted with the same technique, looked like Tiger after teeing off, did the twirl, the club turning typical of Tiger after successful blows. “Wow,” said Gary Player, 85, who was working with his grandson and, like Charlie, teeing off from tees placed closer to the hole: “When I saw him swing I thought: Young Tiger Woods!” Charlie was the youngest participant, but that didn’t stop him from performing tricks. In rows he hit fairways in the middle, once he hit an eagle, two under par on a par-5 hole. Most amateurs can’t do this all their lives.

The father fends off interview requests – his son should “just have fun playing golf”

Since it wasn’t clear at first how good Charlie is, the golf media initially revolved around his “trash talking” with Justin Thomas (who won the tournament with his father Mike). Tiger is friends with the top player, Thomas is like a dear godfather to Charlie, they both like to tease each other. Once Thomas went into a sand bunker where his ball was and found a piece of paper – group game partner Charlie had left him a cheeky saying on it. The longer the tournament lasted, the more it was about Charlie’s swing talent. He was dubbed the “star” of the weekend in many places. Tiger was later moved by his duet experience and confessed: “I think there are no words to describe it … memories for life.”

By no means, Woods had previously explained, had put pressure on Charlie to play golf too. This is supported by the fact that Filius relied on football for a long time like his sister Sam, who was two years older; the two come from the marriage of Woods with the Swede Elin Nordegren, who walked across the square on Sunday and apparently, as photos showed, gets along well with Woods’ partner Erica Herman. Woods has seldom disclosed his private life as it does now in Orlando, but one thing was important to him: the protection of Charlie. He did not allow media interviews with him. “We live in a completely different world today,” said Woods, who said that everyone has a cell phone and can make videos.

Whereby: having fun with the Woods is one of those things. An anecdote made it clear that his children grew up with different standards. Normal siblings fight over toys. When Woods won the Masters in 2019, Charlie and Sam scrambled on the private jet to see who was allowed to wear the green jacket that Woods had received in Augusta. Joe LaCava revealed how ambitious Charlie is. “He soaks up everything,” said Woods’ Caddy, “he doesn’t say, ‘Good shot, Dad!'” He punches the father: What kind of bat was that? Why that? Aha! Tiger himself explains everything to him, but the celebrity father also wants to hold back: “My dad never actively coached me,” he said, “it was about just being there for me. He did it that way, and I do it with Charlie . “


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