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Reporter Wu Ruici / Comprehensive Report

Korean dramas are popular, and the popularity of the actresses in the dramas has also risen. Recently, the Japanese network “rankingoo” launched a popular survey of South Korean actresses over 30. To the audience’s surprise, the drama “Crash Landing of Love” became popular in Japan. Star Sun Yezhen only won the third place, and the heroine of “Secretary Kim” Park Min Young won the championship. She has a sweet smile and exquisite features. She was praised as a love at first sight.

▲The popular Korean actress over 30 years old was voted by, and the champion goddess is Park Minying. (Photo/Retrieved from Park Minying IG)

The Japanese website “rankingoo” recently convened more than 6,000 men and women from 10 to 50 years old to vote for South Korean actresses over 30 years old. The 10th place is “Crash Landing of Love”, the second female Xu Zhihui, and the 9th. The name is “You from the Star” Jun Ji-hyun, the 8th is “W-Two Worlds” Han Hyo Joo, the 7th is “The Palace”, “The Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop” is popular in Japan, and the 6th is Yun Eun-hye. It’s Song Hye Kyo from “Descendants of the Sun.”

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▲▼ Son Yejin is only third! The Japanese network voted

▲▼Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun fell out of the upper circle. (Photo/Retrieved from Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, IG)

▲▼ Son Yejin is only third! The Japanese network voted

The 10th to 6th places are highly competitive, and the 5th place is awarded to the second female “Ghost” Liu Yinna. Her unpretentious personality, sweet and sexy appearance, won her the 5th place; 4th place; Named “Queen of Korean Dramas” Park Shin-hye, the dramas she starred in each have high ratings, and at the same time capture everyone in front of the camera; the third place is the temperament actress Sun Yejin who became popular through the drama “Crash Landing of Love” ; The second place was won by Yune. Girls’ Generation, the group she belongs to, had a place in Japan. This time it lived up to expectations and won the second place.

The champion was awarded to Park Minying, the heroine of “Secretary Golden”. Passersby described her love of her as “love at first sight”, praising her for her acting and outstanding appearance, firmly grasping the hearts of the audience and winning the championship of the survey.

▲▼ Son Yejin is only third! The Japanese network voted

▲▼ Yuna and Son Yejin are 2nd and 3rd respectively. (Photo/Retrieved from Sun Yezhen and Yune IG)

▲▼ Son Yejin is only third! The Japanese network voted

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