Song Yun Lotus Lantern Joys the Lantern Festival——Jiabo’s “Children’s Fun·Song Yun Talk” Lantern Making

Song Yun Lotus Lantern Joys the Lantern Festival——Jiabo’s “Children’s Fun·Song Yun Talk” Lantern Making

Release date: 2023-02-06 16:17

Information source: Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism


On February 4th, a string of colorful lanterns was hung in the Jiaxing Museum, the experience area on the first floorFrom time to time there are bursts of laughter

Because of,The teacher of the “Children’s Fun·Song Yun Talk” activity will teach the children how to make a lotus lantern, using the traditionalhandmade wayto welcome the Lantern Festival.

active inRepresentative games of the Lantern Festival——Guess riddlesstart in, butThe puzzles posed by the teacher are no problem for bright kids.Next, through the teacher’s description, the children learned that the Song Dynastyduring the Lantern FestivalThe lively scene is not inferior to modern times. The ancients also ate dumplings, went to lantern festivals, watched songs and dances, and even enjoyed fireworks.

this eventThe production of lotus lanterns is not simple, it is an intangible cultural heritageAn improved simplified version of the “Qinhuai Lantern”.The lotus is the lotus in Buddhism, also known as the “water lotus”.Chinese lotusLotus rootFenugreekwait. The popularity of lotus lanterns in the Song Dynasty also proved the in-depth development of Buddhist culture in the Song Dynasty. After understanding the background knowledge of the lotus lantern, under the teacher’s step-by-step demonstration,everyone startsInstalling lanterns, sticking petals, and hanging tassels, beautiful lotus flowers bloom in the hands of children.

Lantern Festival Lantern Festival is one of the traditional customs in ChinaLantern prayermay everyoneBring home the blessings of the new yearcarrying lotus lanterns, and having fun making the Lantern Festival.

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