Sony is preparing an app to play it remotely from the PS4!

“PS5 Remote Play” is a very special app, which will certainly allow you to play any game on the PS5 … On the PS4! Incredible but true. This emulator should delight players who don’t have Sony’s new console.

We know from a reliable source that the PS5 will cohabit with the PS4 for at least two or even three years. Never mind: to facilitate the colocation of the two consoles on the market, Sony has gone to great lengths. Thus, Sony wants its long-time gamers to play with its new toy, without even having it under their TV. Impossible, and yet … If the PS5 allows you to play games from the previous console, a priori we would not have thought that the reciprocal would be verified. According to many foreign media, including IGN, TechCrunch and VGC, Sony would have implemented a new app, which is a priori not yet available on the French stores.

Sony is preparing a Remote Play, to switch from one console to another

“PS5 Remote Play” could therefore allow gamers to take control of a PlayStation 5 game on the PS4. Finally, stop for a moment, we see you coming! You’ll need beforehand have a PS5 somewhere ; elsewhere in your house, at a friend’s house, etc. because this option only offers a possibility of remote reading. You will therefore need a target console to be able to run this app. Of course, we do not guarantee the most immersive gameplay with a simple DualShock 4, when DualSense works wonders.

Remote Play will of course also be available on PS5, with the possibility of playing games installed on PS4 on Ps5. What about PS3, PSP or again PS Vita? Sony has yet to communicate how this will all come together. And many questions remain unanswered about this mysterious app. Will the PS4 controller really be operational to run next-gen games? Will we really be able to play all the games, or will some remain incompatible on our now obsolete console? Only the future will tell us.

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