Sophia Bush Reveals Joshua Jackson Warned Her About Dating Her Co-Stars

Before becoming the star of the series The Scott brothers, Sophia Bush received valuable advice from Joshua Jackson… which she didn’t follow at all.

When you work with the same people all day for months and months, the bonds are bound to tighten and emotions and feelings get involved. Joshua Jackson knows something about it: he dated Katie Holmes during the first seasons of Dawson.

But if he had to do it again, he wouldn’t do it again and that’s what he advised Sophia Bush even before The Scott brothers did not begin in 2003. The former interpreter of Pacey has warned the actress not to go out with her co-stars. This is what she revealed during the episode of January 24 of the podcast Drama Queens.

A piece of advice for the star of Scott Brothers

She tells : ” When we were young, I remember – because Josh Jackson still had his apartment in Wilmington [là où ont été tournés Dawson et Les Frères Scott, ndlr] for a while after Dawson ended – and I remember having a beer with him. And he was like, ‘It’s going to be great. It’s also going to get really weird. This place is small. There is nowhere to go, and everyone will hang out with everyone. And just be nice to each other.’ »

The one who played Brooke for 9 seasons was surprised by this advice: “ At the time I was like ‘Huh, what?’ And it made me laugh that he was basically like, ‘You’re in a Petri dish together, get ready’ And now when I see us and Josh, our militant fights, we’re like, ‘Do you remember when we were just two stupid kids in Wilmington? And everything was a bit confusing?‘ »

And to come back to this famous advice, she obviously did not follow it: she went out with Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty and Austin Nichols, who respectively play Lucas, Nathan and Julian in The Scott brothers.

Romain Cheyron

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