Soubin Shahir’s ‘Jinn’ in theaters from tomorrow

Soubin Shahir-Siddharth Bharathan’s new film ‘Jinn’ is getting ready. The film will hit theaters from tomorrow. Jinn is the film directed by Siddharth Bharathan after the films ‘Chandretan Kareya’, ‘Varnyamthil Acharam’ and ‘Chaturam’. The plot of this film revolves around a young man named Lalappan who is looking for a job in a local matchbox company. Soubin Shahir plays this character.

Jinn is a movie adaptation of the moments in Lalapan’s life when he has to move away from his own country to another country in a special situation. Shanti Balachandran is the heroine. Late actress KPAC Lalitha is also playing the lead role in the film. Produced by Sudheer VK and Manu Valiya Vayana under the banner of Straight Line Cinemas.

The film also stars Sharafuddin, Shine Tom Chacko, Sabumon, Jaffer Idukki, Nishant Sagar and Jilu Joseph. The screenplay is prepared by Rajesh Gopinath who is famous for the film ‘Kali’. Santhosh Verma and Anwar Ali’s lyrics are composed by Prashant Pillai. Cinematography by Girish Gangadharan and editing by Deepu Joseph.

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Associate Director-Sudheesh Gopinathan, Conflict-Jolly Bastian, Mafia Sasi, Executive Producer-Jamneesh Tayil, Production Executive- Seer Karanthur, Production Controller-Manoj Karanthur
PRO- Vazhur Jose.

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