“Soulstice” will be launched in September, combining the advantages of the two sisters to unleash the true fighting potential – Bahamut

Game publisher Modus Games announced today at the 2022 PC Gaming Show that the action-adventure game “The Reply Game Studios” developed by Reply Game Studiossoul of soul(Soulstice)” will be released on September 20, and new films will be released simultaneously.

【Notice! The following videos contain restricted content such as violence or exposure, please do not watch underage! 】

The story of Soul of Souls describes the “Wraiths”, a powerful and ferocious creature from a world beyond Veil, whose invasion has upset the balance of the holy kingdom of Keidas, threatening to eat the living. Wraiths can corrupt victims and even take over their bodies, turning them into monsters that constantly prey on ordinary people. Only “Chimera”, a hybrid warrior created by the union of two souls, can protect humanity. Now that Briar and Lute are reborn as Chimera, their transformations give Briar superhuman strength and resilience, while Lute makes a sacrifice to bind his soul to his sister’s bond and become a ghost with mysterious powers. Sent on a mission to restore a city devastated by the Wraiths, two sisters have a more complicated plan in mind to find out the forces behind the creatures.

The official emphasized that players will experience the fun of cooperative combat in the game, using Briar to be proficient in melee attacks and using continuous skills, while Lute is good at using her extraordinary skills to control the battlefield, players can combine the advantages of the two sisters to unlock powerful changes. to reach their full potential. Players will unlock and upgrade weapons in the game, and can switch weapons in the middle of the combo to cause more damage to the enemy.

PC/PS5/Xbox Series S|X Soul of Soul is scheduled to come out on September 20.

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