“Soulworker” Launches Soul PASS Season 2 Chinese New Year Event “Soulworker” – Bahamut

The MMORPG game developed by LION GAMESsoul walker“Announced the launch of the second season of Soul PASS and the Chinese New Year event.

Officially, “soul walker” is about “soul walker“A heroic epic story of standing up to save mankind, living in an abandoned city and fighting against enemies in different dimensions; its fighting special effects and charming characters are the biggest highlights of the game. The game currently has nine characters for players to choose from. Each character holds a “soul weapon” with different characteristics and can perform unique skills, allowing players to freely match their favorite fighting styles. In addition to the character’s unique combat system, the confusing story background and main plot are the key points that attract players’ love.

Officially, “soul walker“In January, “Soul PASS Season 2” was first launched. Soul PASS is a reward system. Players can get rewards as long as they complete staged tasks in the game. Soul PASS has been well-received since its first launch on Steam last November, so thesoul walker” decided to launch the second season of Soul PASS again during the Chinese New Year. Soul PASS Season 2 also prepares various rewards.

  《soul walker“At the same time, the “2022 Spring Festival Activities” was launched. During the Lunar New Year, there is a custom of giving out red envelopes, which means a new atmosphere in the new year and praying for good luck in the year. Therefore, in this updated version, players will be able to obtain “[EV]2022 Red Packet” and “[EV]2022 Red Bean Rice Cake” rewards through daily tasks, and make them in the Raccoon Store to exchange for “Twilight + 9 Equipment Selection Coupon” , “Secret AR Card Transmitter (5 Stars)”, “Character Doll Head Cover Selection Ticket”, “Comprehensive TB Medal Rubik’s Cube (Binding Type)”, “Raccoon Water Park (Background Film)” and other props.

The official pointed out that the “Colorful Hanbok” fashion, which was originally a limited-edition product, will also be permanently sold in this update.soul walker》The biggest feature of Hanbok is the combination of Chinese and Western styles.


  《soul walker” will be held on the official Steam page from January 28 to February 6. Players can get a variety of rich rewards as long as they log in to the game during the event time. Especially on the first day of the Chinese New Year on February 1, you can get special rewards just by logging in. The “Valentine’s Day Event” is expected to be launched from February 7th to 17th, and you can get rewards by logging in to the game during the event period.

In addition, from February 10th to February 16th, the event “Brave the Forbidden Zone – Regional Assault Dungeon Event Reprint” will be launched. The official will select the 20 players who have cleared 4 specific area raid dungeons “Void Altar (Expert)”, “Hidden Hideout”, “Fallen Moon (Normal)”, and “Rage Lunar” during the event period (TC , 10 EN servers each), 3000 Soul Coins will be given away.

A person from LION GAMES said, “We have prepared many exciting activities and good things, and hope that players can participate more, and “soul walker“To celebrate the Chinese New Year of 2022. I wish you a happy new year! “

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