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Music programs have always been the core of the variety show field, and Hong Kong music is the “just-needed product” in the core. Recently, a brand new music variety show “The Sound of Life” was launched simultaneously on the three platforms of Mango TV, Hunan Satellite TV and TVB Jade Channel, and quickly entered the hot search charts. The program aims to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, and expresses the hope of “letting the people of the two places with the same roots to have a dialogue through music”.

Planning is lofty. The program leads the audience to look back on the development of Hong Kong music, which was born quietly in the 1970s, flourished in the 1980s, swept the country in the 1990s, and integrated into the trend of the times in the new century. One after another, the golden songs are full of heroic and unrestrained feelings, or full of patriotism, carrying the creator’s life experience and the spirit of unremitting struggle. These golden songs of the Hong Kong Philharmonic, which embody the common feelings of the Chinese people, have been sung again, making everyone ignite again. It brought back the national pride that Hong Kong had when it returned to the motherland.

The content is deeply rooted in emotion. Hong Kong culture has left a deep cultural imprint on generations. A lyric in Cantonese and a glance back in the video instantly awaken people’s dusty memories. As a post-85s generation, I personally like Hong Kong and Taiwan music very much, and I am almost familiar with Cantonese songs. The program extracts people’s common memories and organizes an interactive HK Phil gathering for the audience. In a relaxed atmosphere, the singers happily and freely performed their favorite HK Phil, showing the charm of Hong Kong and HK Phil warmly. In the interpretation of each song, the spirit of martial arts, human feelings and caring thoughts in the HK Phil also follow.

The power is endless. “The Sound of Life” is not just a wave of “memory killings” and “sentiment cards”. In the program, singers from the two places, “Qianlang” and “Houlang” performed on the same stage, allowing the audience to see the endless musical heritage. The older generation, the Mesozoic generation and the new generation singers empathize on the premise of concentricity, and resonate on the basis of empathy, showing the vitality of music.

For a long time, Hong Kong music has determined the lyrics and style of music from various aspects such as film and television, music circles, and Western Europe, according to public acceptance and market demand, and carried out vocal training, behavior and manners around and with the positioning of characters. The singer “tailored” to create a series of songs, and finally, after social survey data, combined with factors such as current events and environment, selected suitable and favorable time periods for publicity, and launched newcomers and new songs. The industry operation of Hong Kong pop music is very mature and has achieved remarkable results. It has brought a lot of inspiration to the local music industry in Guangzhou.

When people listen to songs, they may not focus on who sings better and whose treble is more shocking. What we often listen to is the emotion in the song. The show sings old songs, but seeks to fit the expression perspective of young people and give the HK Phil new vitality. The show also boldly featured outstanding young singers on stage, some innovatively blended into modern electronic music, some with a relaxed and lively musical style, and some with unique music and sound quality. Clearly differentiated positions.

In the highly homogenized variety show arena, the show has changed from the usual rules of the past, with no rankings, the competitive color has been relatively weakened, the audience is passionate and the atmosphere is very harmonious throughout the whole process. This also enables the audience to calm down more and earnestly appreciate the infinite meaning behind every note, every lyric, and every story.

At this point, I would like to end with the following text. At the end of the third issue of “Sound Never Ends”, when all the singers and the audience sang the Hong Kong Philharmonic pop hit “A Thousand Thousand Que Song” in unison, they were full of memories and moved, “Because you sing with me tonight”. Performing the Hong Kong Philharmonic Gala is precisely the greatest charm of music. (Author: Mi Guanghong, special author of Dagong Cultural Tourism)

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