souparnika instagram post, he has been calling me for fifteen years, i have the same experience as honey rose, actress souparnika with proof – souparnika about a fan who worship her blindly for fifteen years

Honey Rose, who came to compete in Flowers 1 Crore, talked about a Tamilian who blindly adores her. Honey Rose said that he even made a temple for her. After the telecast of the show, many people started trolling Honey Rose. But actress Souparnika has come forward saying that Honey Rose should not be dismissed like that, she has a similar experience. Souparnika’s Instagram post is the proof.

For the past fifteen years, someone has been calling me Pandi. He’s told me everything he’s said on the show that he said to Honey Rose. My birthday, wedding anniversaries, birthdays of my relatives will all be celebrated by Pullikaran. It is said that they make stew and give it to others and go to temples.

The priest told me that even a temple was built in my name. My friends and husband all make fun of me saying that. But Honey Rose said that she has not met Pandy yet. But I have met him personally when I went to Chennai for an event. I also have the photo of the spot in my hand.

Souparnika said that in the village she used to send me messages regularly saying Kadavul, Amma Kumpitren, Kalai Vanakkam and so on and showed me those messages on her phone. Knowing that there is someone who loves us like this is a happy thing. But the reason I am posting this video is because Honey Rose said Pandi is from Chennai and the person who is texting me is Pandi and he is also from Chennai. Could this panty be the same panty? Souparnika asks

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