South Florida Community Unites in Demonstrations to Reject Russia’s Attacks on Ukraine and Support Victims | Videos | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

shower activityscattered and the temperaturesthey will start to return thisevening.presenter: the people ofUkraine continues to fightkeep control of your south florida isled several demonstrationshere the details.good afternoon.reporter: good afternoon,’s been quite a weekukrainianalso for theLatin Americans who haveattached to south florida forsupport thiscommunity.this weekend, theUkrainian community in the southfrom florida went out to the streetto show support for theirsiblings.He came out today and met us.>> we hope and believe that onlydemocracy can win.we will be here until theDemocracy wins.reporter: in miami theUkrainian community offered aMass for the peoplelive this conflict.wait for people to leavepeace resolution.>> pray and pray for this townthat suffers.and his nacón that is beingattacked by tyrants.reporter: Saturday, thehollywood community, toogave support to mass today,Latin Americans joined thepeople suffering from this war.I have heart breaks.I couldn’t stay for a minuteat home watching television.reporter: people toohave asked howthey can send supplies.

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