“South Korean Civic Groups Protest Japanese Prime Minister’s Visit: Calls to Preserve Peninsula Region’s Peace and Stability”

2023-05-07 05:05:04

On the afternoon of May 7 local time, representatives of several South Korean civic groups came to the presidential palace in Yongshan District, Seoul to hold a rally to protest Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s visit to South Korea.

Citizens who participated in the protest chanted slogans and held up their hands with words such as “The military alliance between South Korea, the United States and Japan is interrupted”, “Japan must apologize for illegal colonial rule”, “oppose the discharge of Fukushima nuclear polluted water into the sea”, “suspend the humiliating diplomacy towards Japan”, etc. slogan.

The demonstrators said that the United States, Japan, and South Korea are accelerating their diplomatic ties and advancing cooperation such as intelligence sharing in the military, which is not conducive to peace and stability in the peninsula region. Instead, it will stimulate the escalation of regional tensions and even put the peninsula at risk of war.

The Yin Xiyue government’s foreign policy toward the United States and Japan and its recent remarks to stimulate neighboring countries have aroused concern and criticism in South Korean public opinion. On the afternoon of the 6th, several civic groups in South Korea held a rally in downtown Seoul to protest Fumio Kishida’s visit to South Korea. Demonstrators said that Japan must face up to history, sincerely apologize for issues such as forced labor and comfort women, and compensate the victims and their families. Before the Japanese government takes concrete actions, the South Korean government’s actions to accelerate the improvement of South Korea-Japan relations are launching a “humiliating diplomacy” that is pro-Japanese and traitorous.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in South Korea on the afternoon of the 7th to start a two-day visit. South Korea and Japan restarted the “shuttle diplomacy” of mutual visits between heads of state. It is reported that South Korea and Japan will focus on topics such as economic and trade cooperation, non-governmental exchanges and regional security situation between the two countries during the summit meeting. (Headquarters reporter Tang Xin)

Japanese PM Fumio Kishida arrives in South Korea for two-day visit

At noon on May 7 local time, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in South Korea for a two-day visit. He will hold talks with South Korean President Yin Xiyue in the afternoon, which is also the first meeting between the leaders of South Korea and Japan after 52 days. (Headquarters reporter Zhang Yun)

Original title: South Korean civic groups rallied in front of the presidential palace to protest Fumio Kishida’s visit to South Korea

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