South Korean Coach Sung Ji-hyun Mocks He Bingjiao’s Cry: Asian Games Women’s Badminton Team Gold Medal Match Controversy

2023-10-01 10:34:28

South Korean coach Sung Ji-hyun imitated He Bingjiao’s cry after the game. (Photo taken from Weibo)

[Gary Zhang/Comprehensive Report]

The Asian Games Women’s Badminton Team Championship gold medal match was staged today (1st) for supremacy between China and South Korea. In the end, South Korea defeated the host China 3-0 and successfully accepted the Asian Games Women’s Team Gold Medal for the first time in 29 years. However, there was an episode during the game. In the third point, Chinese player He Bingjiao was sad and cried after losing. South Korean coach Sung Ji Hyun mocked him by imitating a crying face, which caused dissatisfaction among Chinese fans.

As a landlord, the Chinese team is also the top seed in this year’s women’s team. Unexpectedly, in the first point of the match, facing An Xiying’s fierce attack, Chen Yufei was beaten without any power to fight back. The second point of the doubles was also defeated miserably. . In the third point, China sent He Bingjiao, ranked fifth in the world, to face South Korea’s Kim Ga-eun. Unexpectedly, she also lost in straight games. In the end, South Korea won the gold medal 3-0. This was South Korea’s first victory after the 1994 Asian Games in Hiroshima. The women’s badminton team won the gold medal for the first time in 29 years.

However, when the third point was over, there was an episode. He Bingjiao couldn’t hide her disappointment after losing. She once raised her head and cried. This scene happened to be seen by Sung Ji Hyun, and then she directly imitated and mocked in front of Jin Ga Eun. , when Jin Jiaen saw it, he also followed the same action, showing no mercy to the Chinese team and He Bingjiao. This move by South Korea also aroused dissatisfaction among Chinese netizens, saying it was too disrespectful, but some Chinese netizens rationally said, “I don’t want to When you are ridiculed, use your strength to fight back.” “Victory and defeat are commonplace in military affairs.”

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In fact, at this year’s Asian Games, China’s badminton fell into a dark period, and the outside world pointed the finger at Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, thinking that he was not leading the team well.

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